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C2C Merge Method

Motorcycle Club

This requires two people. P1 will refer to you/the person actually doing the merge, P2 will refer to the friend helping.

Start in a fresh invite only or closed friend session and proceed to LSCM. DO NOT START A PRIVATE TAKEOVER YET.

P1 and P2 spawn your vehicles inside the public LSCM. P1 will be spawning the donor/car with the mods

P1 - Activate motorcycle club President

P2 - Get inside of P1’s vehicle and start a sprint race via interaction>LS car meet>Sprint

P1 - Accept sprint invite, open interaction menu, click on MC, and hover over Return Personal Vehicle. When the countdown timer hits 2 seconds, press return the vehicle.

This should eject P2 out of the car while simultaneously going into the sprint.

P2 - You will be stuck on black screen, just sit and wait

P1 - You will respawn in LSCM glitched with no radar, phone etc. Use interaction menu to request personal vehicle, go to Mimi and start your private takeover.

Now you should both spawn into the sprint race, let it start.

P2 - Anawack fully to end sprint

Both P1 and P2 return to PUBLIC LSCM

P1 - Drop MC and start CEO

P2 - Start your MC

P1 - Get into P2 vehicle and start sprint. **Dynasty 8/phone menu is not required***

P2 - Return personal vehicle at 2 seconds remaining on countdown via the same interaction>MC>return method

P1 - You will hit a black screen, Anawack but only accept the first alert and reject the second. Now you should spawn at the sprint start with the janky camera.
Hit pause > online > options > k1ll yourself.
When you respawn, call your luxury helicopter and proceed to the landing location.
Do NOT return vehicle to storage like the last merge
Enter luxury helicopter, press start, place waypoint on your yacht, exit start menu, press X/A

P2 - After returning your vehicle now you will respawn at the LSCM glitched. Request your personal vehicle, but do not start your takeover until P1 has lifted off in the helicopter

P1 - When the sprint race starts, your camera will fix itself. Call the yacht captain and when you’re close to the yacht you will get the option to request person vehicle. Call out the vehicle you want to merge onto. When he says some variation of “it’ll be on land”, hold triangle/Y to “respawn” (because you’re technically in the sprint race). You should respawn on land in your merged vehicle. Be sure to change a part in LS Customs to save it before exiting or placing it in another garage.

P2 - When P1 respawns in the merged car, you can now Anawack fully or go ahead and exit to main menu.

*** Edited to help with readability as well as remove an unnecessary step (phone dynasty 8 part)

***NOTE: Know where your vehicle is before you start. If you hover over the yacht too long trying to find it, you will get booted out of the chopper and die on the yacht. At that point you will have to completely restart.

***NOTE: You must close app or exit to main menu to do this again, because both players have to purchase the takeover every time. If the option is not available due to already being owned, you both will have to exit fully and restart.

Also, we tried skipping the first half but when P1 spawns with the janky camera, the k1ll yourself option is not available for some reason. Still have not figured out what the correlation between the first sprint that completely ends and the option is.

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