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Merge Car to Car

Requirements :

-Invite Only session with Assisted aim
-Anawack To Join on PS4 or XboxOne
-The ability to Register as CEO ( To Request Helicopter )

Steps :

-Make sure to spawn in invite only session with assisted aim then make your way to LS Car Meet with a friend ( Now Request a Vehicle you want to Transfer the Mods on ) & Your Friend will call any Vehicle

-Register as CEO and tell your friend to start up a sprint with you ( Once you accept his invite , tell him to watch the timer ) once the timer hits 2 seconds , He need to Press enter only , It gonna put you in the test track

-You will stuck in infinite black loading screen ( Accept first alert then decline second alert ) , Now hit option / Online / Criminal enterprise starter pack then Go to vehicles and click on any vehicle ( Once you get to the web page , Press Triangle then circle / Online / EWO Yourself 🔫

-Now when you Re-Spawn with your Vehicle ( Open up your Touch Pad , Go to SecuroServ & Request a Deluxe helicopter ) , Now you need to find the heli Location

-Now Enter the Helicopter then set the location to your Yacht 🛥 and Press X/A ( Now tell your friend While he is waiting in the LS Car meet to request his personal vehicle ) then Tell him To go to Mimi and Choose Take Over option

Side Notes : Your Friend will have a black screen then he gonna see himself for a second then he will receive another black screen ( Now he will start a sprint race )

-Now You should see that a sprint race has started ( Now open up your Phone and call the Captain ) then request a Vehicle you want to Transfer Mods to and wait 5 seconds then hold Triangle to Respawn

-You will spawn with the Vehicle you Requested Merged ( Now tell your friend to restart his game ) and Go to Los Santos Custom to change one thing to save the vehicle

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