Awesome T-Pose Glitch Patched

The latest Palworld patch has fixed my favorite glitch, spelling the end of the short-lived yet iconic 'T-Pose Glide'.

I first became aware of the Glide via a post on the game's subreddit. Something about the payoff, from semi-realistic slide animation into rigid, floating T-Pose, really tickled me. The image of the player hovering ominously above the world was only improved when they pulled out a handgun and went to work on the unfortunate Chikipis foolish enough to get in their way.

get real
byu/Willcario inPalworld

The glitch obviously pertains to Palworld's gliders, which can be used to prevent fall damage and speed up your movement around the world. It was achieved via the unintended ability to equip a suit of armor in the glider's spot in players' inventories - the game would read that a glider was equipped, but then wouldn't be able to pull the correct model into place, leaving the player violently T-posing through the air.

Sadly, developer Pocketpair has taken action. In patch notes released earlier today, the studio said that "fixed an issue where armor could be equipped in the wrong slot." That means no armor in the glider slot, and no more T-posing. Some players have noticed, however, that the patch hasn't actually removed armor from the slot - so if it's already in there, as long as you don't remove it, you'll still be able to pull off the trick.

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