Palworld Glitch Turns Foxparks Into a 'Shiny'

A Palworld player called HarukoTheDragon recently captured a Foxsparks with a different color. Instead of being bright orange like these Pals normally are, this special Foxsparks had much lighter skin as if the saturation levels of its colors were diminished. Initially, HarukoTheDragon did not understand why this happened, but many commenters on their Reddit post explained that the lighter color was probably a glitch that may have happened if the player caught the Foxsparks when it was wet. Due to it being a Fire-type, it's not common to find a Foxsparks in Palworld in the water, but it may happen, especially if they are on shore and move during combat.

Why is this Foxparks a different color from all the others I've caught?
byu/HarukoTheDragon inPalworld

Pals often change colors when they are wet, becoming somewhat brighter. However, most of the time the effect simply stops a few seconds after the creature leaves the water. In this case, it was like the fox-inspired Pal was eternally wet due to the glitch.

This is far from the only Palworld glitch regarding captured Pals not working as intended. A few weeks ago, another Palworld player captured a Vixy that would grow up. Due to a weird glitch, their small Vixy would grow insanely large every time they visited their base, starting small after leaving the Pal Sphere, and quickly becoming bigger than a tree. An even more bizarre glitch occurred when a Palworld player discovered a gigantic Arsox. In this case, the player shared a weird video in which it was possible to see them flying a Nitewing around an absurdly huge and sometimes translucid Arsox. Unfortunately, it was not clear how the glitch happened. Hopefully, Palworld’s developer Pocketpair will be able to fix most of the game’s glitches soon, as bug-fixing is one of the studio’s top priorities right now. However, if these Pal-related glitches do disappear, it’s also possible that many gamers will miss seeing these uniquely weird creatures online.

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