Apex Legends OP double pump exploit is Back

Apex Legends players have recently discovered the reappearance of the infamous double pump technique, which gained notoriety in Fortnite. The Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth event not only introduced a fun new Limited Time Mode (LTM) and a range of new cosmetics, but it also brought along a new patch with several balance changes.

Although it was most likely unintentional, this update also reintroduced the double pump technique to Apex Legends. This technique involves rapidly switching between Shotguns to fire them at a faster rate than usual. It gained popularity during Fortnite's prime and eventually made its way into other shooters like Apex.

The double pump technique allows players to eliminate enemies in an unfair manner. Despite the developers previously removing it, the new Apex Legends update has brought it back, leading to frustration among players.

A user named 'PistilloMx' posted a clip on X showcasing the double pump technique in action, expressing their concern and urging Apex to address the issue. The clip demonstrates how the player effectively takes down an entire squad using this exploit. Apex Legends pro ShivFPS commented on the post, comparing it to the Fortnite double pump, while another user mentioned experiencing "Fortnite double pump ptsd."

In another separate post on X, players discussed the new double pump Mastiff meta, once again drawing comparisons to Fortnite. A user named 'Voderyy' shared a clip demonstrating how one can now double pump in Apex. Comments on the post referenced Fortnite, with one user mentioning "Fortnite flashbacks" and another stating that the exploit brings back the "OG Fortnite vibe."

It is likely that this Mastiff double pump exploit will be addressed and balanced in the near future. However, for those seeking a taste of the original Fortnite experience, the double pump technique in Apex may evoke a sense of nostalgia.

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