NBA 2K24 glitch has losing team member take Finals MVP trophy

A wild NBA 2K24 glitch completely ruined the Finals presentation for one player, as someone from the losing team took the Finals MVP.

The NBA 2K series gives players a chance to live out their NBA fantasies by taking their favorite team to the championship.

The game even does a lot to make that moment of winning the championship feel as extravagant as it would in real life.

However, an absurd glitch ruined that moment for a player as a member of the opposing team spoiled their celebration.

NBA 2K24 glitch has losing team member take Finals MVP trophy

A clip was posted to the NBA 2K subreddit with a title that explains: “A player from the opposing team decided to celebrate with us and claim the Finals MVP for himself.”

The clip shows the player’s team celebrating their victory onstage with the trophy, and amongst their players is someone from the other team, acting as if they’d won the game themselves.

It takes an even worse turn when suddenly, that player is awarded the Finals MVP award, which is something reserved for a player on the winning team.

A player from the opposing team decided to celebrate with us and claim the finals mvp for himself
byu/ironchefchopchop inNBA2k

Naturally, the community was left in disbelief about the clip, with one user joking, “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

Other NBA 2K24 fans are just shaking their heads at the state of the game, with another fan simply complaining: “$70 mobile game.”

It appears that this is not the first instance of a glitch like this either, with many players saying that they don’t expect any fixes to come:

“Yes, this is the 4,000th time this has been posted since September. 2K doesn’t care enough to fix it.”

Some of the community has written the series off and claim that 2K23, last year’s game, will be the last one they purchase.

Regardless of how funny the clip may be, it is an indicator of a prevalent glitch that has yet to be patched in the game, and the fanbase is over it.

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