Game-breaking Helldivers 2 Glitch Won’t Let the Pelican-1 Takeoff If You’re Carrying Super Samples

It remains possible that players of Helldivers 2 will be studied in a few years, with psychologists and the military trying to find out what is their source of dedication, and if it can be weaponized. Starting with the server issues, players have stuck around for Arrowhead Studios to fix their game time and time again, and a similar opportunity has risen once again, with the transport ships refusing to take off under certain conditions.

A new glitch in Helldivers 2 has risen to the occasion© Provided by FandomWire

The issue was even called out by players on various social media platforms, including the game’s official community on Reddit. The different posts showcase how the developers need to swiftly fix the glitch before the enemy factions manage to get rid of every single player trying to upgrade their ship.

New Helldivers 2 Glitch – When Will It Finally Stop?

Players are now posting about the new glitch in the game© Provided by FandomWire

Super samples remain an essential part of Helldivers 2, as players require them to upgrade their ships and add modules. It also remains a painstaking task to collect all of them as they are scattered throughout, and players have started dreading going after them even more ever since it has become practically impossible to carry them back due to the glitch.

As showcased via this user on Reddit, the ship that takes the player back ultimately refuses to take off at all if the soldier happens to carry with them the said sample, causing the enemy factions to eventually overwhelm any defense the helpless helldiver might have.

However, it would only be fair to remain lenient with the game for now, bearing in mind how Arrowhead Studios is still recovering from the loss of a huge chunk of its player base. For those who have been living in a cocoon, Sony, the company that holds the publishing rights for the title, earlier took a step in the wrong direction, prompting a huge backlash from the players.

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