MW3 players sick of “ridiculous” head glitching suggest completely changing mechanic

Some Modern Warfare 3 players are calling for the devs to implement a huge change to prevent ‘head glitching’, claiming it is “ridiculous”. Since its release, Modern Warfare 3 has come under fire from its players for various reasons on numerous occasions. Most notably, the community has hit out at the devs over issues such as skill-based matchmaking, always one of the most controversial topics in Call of Duty. On other occasions, players have taken issue with some fundamental aspects of the game, such as the “atrocious” spawn points which they claim are only getting steadily worse over time. Now, players are now calling for a change to help reduce head glitching — an issue that’s been in the franchise for years.

MW3 players want devs to fix “ridiculous” head glitching issue In a Reddit post on January 23, one MW3 fan put out a cry for help, hoping for a fix to the “ridiculous” head glitching issue that’s been in Call of Duty titles for years.

“It’s 2024 and people on CoD are still apparently shooting out of their foreheads,” they wrote. “Seriously Call of Duty is twenty years old and there is still a ‘head glitch’.” “If someone is behind cover to the point I can barely see their scalp, they should theoretically not be able to shoot me without exposing their arms and shoulders,” the player hit out. They added: “People just sit behind bulletproof objects all match shooting out of their forehead, why is this still a thing in 2024 it’s ridiculous.” In the replies to the post, some agreed hitting out at them for “lazy development” and purposely not fixing the issue. “This is still a thing because the devs want it to be,” said one. But, many pointed out that it is the norm for bullets to originate from a player model’s head in almost all FPS games, as it is crucial for gameplay. “Bullets originating from upper torso/head has been standard in FPS’s since like the 90s,” one player explained. “Bullets originating from muzzle would require a complete rework of movement dynamics, gunplay, maps, animations, models, etc.” Another added, “But what’s the solution? If we just make it shoot out of the gun, will that actually fix headglitches? Your gun will be raised up to your eyes and if you end up hitting what’s right in front of you, it’d feel real cheap,” they explained. “The only other apparent solution is making the gun take up space but I don’t think that’d work in such an arcadey game.” Head glitching has always been an issue within CoD, and there really isn’t a simple way to address the complaints without ripping up maps or changing movement mechanics.

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