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Palworld Glitch Turns Foxparks Into a 'Shiny'

A Palworld player recently captured a “shiny” Foxsparks, which had a slightly different color when compared to a normal one. While Palworld is greatly inspired by Pokemon, there are no official shiny Pals in the game, and this unique creature probably appeared due to a glitch.

Fly across the map by sleeping

Want to cross the map? Just jump on your bed. This bizarre Enshrouded glitch lets you fly across the entire map with a single jump!

Awesome T-Pose Glitch Patched

The latest Palworld patch has fixed my favorite glitch, spelling the end of the short-lived yet iconic 'T-Pose Glide'.

Warzone 2.0 Money Glitch Lets Players Get $1.3 Million in Cash Instantly

Warzone 2.0 players are discovering the wildest bugs known to mankind but nothing tops an infinite money exploit that works both in the battle royale and the new DMZ mode.

NBA 2K24 glitch has losing team member take Finals MVP trophy

Absurd NBA 2K24 glitch gives Finals MVP trophy to losing team

MW3 players sick of “ridiculous” head glitching suggest completely changing mechanic

Some Modern Warfare 3 players are calling for the devs to implement a huge change to prevent ‘head glitching’, claiming it is “ridiculous”.

Palworld Glitches: A Rollercoaster Ride Through the Digital Wilderness

Palworld's glitches have become an integral part of its charm, transforming the game from a meticulously crafted digital realm into a dynamic and unpredictable adventure.

The Finals System Integrity Violation Fix
January 14, 2024

Having issues with The Finals and can't seem to find the fix? Try our suggestion!

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